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miniput - Digital Set

miniput - Digital Set

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PEN HOLDER to keep your pencil always at the ready
MAGNETIC RING for smartphones without MagSafe feature

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For tablets and smartphones: incl. 1x MagSafe smartphone holder, 1x magnetic ring, 1x tablet holder

  • Slim & knob-free design
  • Light & compact (0.39-0.45 kg, 28 cm long / 0.85-0.99 lbs, 11 in)
  • Height range: 34-119 cm / 13.3-46.8 in
  • Load capacity: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

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(this set does not include a tablet or a smartphone)

The miniput is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum allowing travel with less baggage. The collapsible tripod and the tablet/smartphone holders can easily be stored in a carrying bag, which is only 28 cm / 11 in long.

The miniput – digital set comes with 1x MagSafe smartphone holder and 1x tablet holder that can hold devices up to 13″.

Height and flexible angle: Five twist-and-lock rods allow infinite adjustability. Easily adjust the height from sitting to standing with only a twist from 34 cm to 119 cm. The angle of the tablet/smartphone holder is adjustable between 0-75° for the desired viewing angle.

Multi-usability: The miniput is ideal for a wide range of applications, including video watching, home workout video sessions, presentations, indoor and outdoor activities, and more.

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